This Guy 👉

Dan Rader is based in the Washington DC area. He works at the intersection of user and business need and applies his passion for design, systems thinking, and technology to create impactful user experiences. Dan embraces empathy and communication to guide teams of talented humans to create their best work.

He is currently Head of Product Design at Xplor, Fitness & Wellness where he brings consistency across brands and teams, all serving the boutique fitness industry. Dan has an agency background—previously with ISL (a Wunderman Thompson company), Deloitte Digital, and Social Driver. Past clients include Volkswagen, Obama Foundation, Capital One, International Rescue Committee, NHL, National Aquarium, Shell/Jiffy Lube, Accion, NIH, and Department of Education.

Dan is a father, husband, and corgi dad. He is a ceramicist in his 5-to-9 where he enjoys finding a creative outlet in a physical medium.