Meet Dan 👉

Dan Rader works at the intersection of user and business needs and applies his passion for design, systems thinking, and technology to create impactful user experiences. Dan embraces empathy and communication to guide teams of talented humans to create their best work.

Dan Rader is the Product Design Manager for apps at Roblox, where he shapes user interactions in the metaverse across mobile, desktop, console, XR, and everywhere between. Previously, Dan led the global design org for boutique fitness at Xplor and worked across a number of agencies collaborating with a diverse client roster including Volkswagen, the Obama Foundation, Capital One, International Rescue Committee, NHL, National Aquarium, Shell/Jiffy Lube, Accion, NIH, and the Department of Education.

Dan lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife, corgi, and son Remy. He is a ceramicist in his 5-to-9 where he enjoys finding a creative outlet in a physical medium.